ATLANTIS - The Lost City - Turning Points in History for kids

Published on Sunday, 7 November 2021 at 2:02:37 PM


Over three thousand years ago an advanced peaceful civilization existed that devoted themselves to art and the love of life.

However in 1650 BC the world was about to change forever!

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They lived in comfort with paved streets and sewers that were unheard of in the ancient world.

Everyone appears to have lived in prosperity and they honoured the gods.
They had no army and appear to have avoided military conflict. Women had as important a place as men, and all prospered.

This golden age that couldn't last.

Bookings essential

Where:    Community Room
Date:       Tuesday 7TH December
Time:       4.45pm – 5.45pm
Ages:      9 – 12 years

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 This is the last presentation in the history series by Stewart for 2021.

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