Lest We Forget 

Published on Monday, 24 April 2023 at 1:51:20 PM

Lest We Forget  By Isobel Teh


Over one hundred years ago, a cry for help was made

Men and women signed up bravely, in the war they’d aid

Brave, young soldiers boarded ships, left their motherland

With boots and blades, bombs and packs, rifles were at hand


As the sea was bathed in light, bold men shook and shivered

Steeply climbing towering cliffs, their plan was not delivered

Avoiding mines and dodging bullets, soldiers were attacked

Eagerly facing Turkish troops, cowardice was not lacked


Digging trenches, battles fought, life had turned to hell

Soldiers’ bodies littered the earth, one by one they fell

Harsh conditions, difficult times, determined men pushed through

Without supplies and needing food, the soldiers, they made do 


Pigeons, horses, dogs and cats, standing by troops’ side

Giving comfort, helping out, each risking their hide

Delivering messages, protecting food, animals were so cherished

In places fraught with war and danger, many quickly perished


Persistence, courage, kindness, loyalty, efforts for a win

ANZAC soldiers fought with spirit, never giving in

Many men, both young and old, paid the final price

Only half had made it home, to life in paradise


Now, today, as the bugle plays, we remember them

The brave, young troops who waged our war, and would do it all again

We honour those who fought for us, from commander to cadet

And commemorate their sacrifices, lest we forget








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