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Books that you cannot wait to read. Every fortnight we add hundreds of new titles. Kindy books, junior, tween and teen.

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Curious about what everyone else is reading?

These are the most popular books right now.

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Early Chapter Books

A very special list for kids are reading on their own. What do they read next to build confidence?

All these books have easy-to-read text, they’re fast-moving, great illustrations, and engaging.


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Funny Books and Series

Funny books are incredibly addictive, and the fun starts with a book from the library! We have put together the best available from Anh Do to David Walliams.

Guaranteed to glue kids to books.


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Tween Girls

Well-read girls; there are some amazing books that should be at the very top of your reading list.

Dip into these stories. Everyday life, friendship, drama and relationships.


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