Other Sources of Information

Digital Post Newspaper Archive – 2003 – current issue. Only available within the Library.


Town of Cottesloe History – a brief history of the town since its naming in 1886.

War & peace: rationing & rebuilding: 1940s life in Cottesloe, WA and Visiting John Curtin at home: 24 Jarrad St , Cottesloe. An online exploration of life in Cottesloe in the 1940s from the John Curtin Prime Ministerial Library.

Cottesloe History Blog – WordPress site for Cottesloe Community History

  • Cottesloe Heritage List 2002
  • Cottesloe Rate Books 1904 – 1960
  • Civic Centre News (Local newsletter 1951 – 1996)
  • Cottesloe Council Minutes 1895 – 1915
  • Cottesloe Society Newsletter 1992 – 2002

Mosman Park

History of Mosman Park – known at different times as Buckland Hill and Cottesloe Beach this is a brief history of the town since 1871.

Mosman Park History Blog – WordPress site for Mosman Park Community History

  • Mosman Park Heritage List 2014
  • Mosman Park Review (Local newsletter 1953 – 1958)

Peppermint Grove

History of the Shire dating back to John Butler’s land grant in 1835.

Peppermint Grove History Blog – WordPress site for Peppermint Grove History