Peppermint Grove Golf Course

Published on Friday, 9 August 2019 at 11:09:00 AM

Did you know that Manners Hill Park was once a 6 hole golf course?

Originally this land formed part of the larger Keane (Edward Keane) property and was used to pasture animals. The land was purchased by the government in 1899 prior to Keane’s death.

Pasture Land 1899

It was a popular camping spot before becoming the home for golf in Peppermint Grove. In 1902 the newly established Cottesloe Grove Golf Club opened a six-hole course on the then state managed reserve. The course was particularly popular with women, newly introduced to the sport.

Just one year later Talbot Hobbs was commissioned to build a pavilion adjacent to the golf course for use by the general public and in 1934 the land was vested in the Peppermint Grove Road Board for Parks and Recreation and managed at a local level.

The Road Board then spent significant funds on the land and named it Manners Hill Park after J. Manners Hill who was first elected to the Road Board in 1916 and later became its chairman. He held this position for 24 years.

J. Manners Hill Photo

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