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One name is all it takes to start making your family tree.
Posted 07 June 2023 One name is all it takes to start making your family tree.

Now every computer in the library has access to; free of charge

Surfing the Western Suburbs
Posted 16 February 2023 Surfing the Western Suburbs

The history of longboard surfing Cottesloe's boardriding birth and boom An evening with the legends March 1 at the Grove 6pm

Mosman Park Memorial Walk
Posted 02 May 2022 Mosman Park Memorial Walk

Our latest heritage trail narrates the history of Memorial Park. The beauty and serenity of this space will calm the soul and allow the walker to reflect on the sacrifices made by those who have served to preserve the freedom we enjoy today.

The Earle Sisters: a digital exhibition
Posted 15 March 2021 The Earle Sisters: a digital exhibition

Following the success of our recent exhibition relating to the rights of women in Australia, we have placed the panels and text online so that it can continue to be enjoyed. Thank you to all those who came along to view it and who took the time to pass on the approval and appreciation.

Do you remember The Oceanarium?
Posted 17 August 2020 Do you remember The Oceanarium?

Listen to the Live 6PR Radio interview with Simon Beaumont and Sindy Dowden. Can you help Sindy locate images of the family favourite? The Oceanarium operated from 1969 - 1974 and was situated on the foreshore near No 2. Car Park. If you have images you think we might be interested in then please email We would love to hear from you.

The Grove turns 10!
Posted 30 July 2020 The Grove turns 10!

It is difficult to believe its been 10 years since our library welcomed its first customer. At lot has happened over that time with some great achievements along the way. Read all about how the library came into being and check out the photos on our image database.

New!! Cottesloe Beach Heritage Trail
Photo Credit: The Grove Library
Posted 05 June 2020 New!! Cottesloe Beach Heritage Trail

Now that Covid-19 restrictions have lifted, why not take the family and stroll Cottesloe foreshore. We have a brand new heritage trail waiting for you to explore.So grab your spirit of adventure and download our free app today.

Wowser at Cottesloe
Posted 12 November 2019 Wowser at Cottesloe

In the very early days at Cottesloe beach, picnics on the sand, listening to live bands and strolling along the foreshore were more popular than swimming – there were no facilities for changing into swimsuits and full dress was common even in the summer heat – Early settlers brought with them English moral standards which meant modesty was highly valued. This prevented most from ever considering donning a bathing costume and entering the water where they may embarrassingly encounter others doing the same thing!

Municipal history of Mosman Park
Posted 07 November 2019 Municipal history of Mosman Park

Have you noticed the heritage signs scattered around the community? They detail the history of Mosman Park. The trail can now be conveniently downloaded to your smart device so that you can easily navigate the trail. The new digital trail includes audio from residents of the suburb and workers of the factories which once dominated the suburb.

Rottnest Channel Swim
Posted 04 November 2019 Rottnest Channel Swim

On 24th January, 1924, a German visitor named Gerd von Dincklage-Schulenburg made good on a bet he had made over a beer a few days earlier and swam from North Mole in Fremantle to Natural Jetty in Rottnest becoming the first recorded person to complete the swim. Despite being warned of the dangers associated with the swim, mainly the cold, rips and of course sharks, Gerd was not discouraged and completed the distance in 9 hours and 45 minutes.

Mosman Park Review
Posted 02 October 2019 Mosman Park Review

These informative little magazines were published in the 1950s and cover activities of local clubs and neat 1950s recipes complete with the odd dollop of dripping! The entire set has now been digitised and is currently being uploaded to the library catalogue. I am sure they will be a great research tool for the historians amongst us.

No Shenanigans here please…
Posted 10 September 2019 No Shenanigans here please…

Did you know that bathing in the cool waters of Freshwater Bay was once a privilege one would have to pay for?

Peppermint Grove Golf Course
Posted 09 August 2019 Peppermint Grove Golf Course

Did you know that Manners Hill Park was once a 6 hole golf course? Originally this land formed part of the larger Keane (Edward Keane) property and was used to pasture animals. The land was purchased by the government in 1899 prior to Keane’s death.

Anthony Boyd Craig Bio: Peppermint Grove Series
Posted 08 August 2019 Anthony Boyd Craig Bio: Peppermint Grove Series

Born in Perth, Western Australia and educated at Hale School in Wembly Downs, Anthony Boyd Craig has led a full and adventurous life. During his early career, Anthony was employed as a Costing Clerk at H. L. Brisbane & Wunderlich Ltd, the state’s largest clay tile producer, at North Street in the City.

Mosman Park Ugly Men's Association
Posted 01 December 2018 Mosman Park Ugly Men's Association

Who were the Ugly Men? The Ugly Men’s Voluntary Workers’ Association was a uniquely Western Australian organisation that aimed to raise money to alleviate community suffering caused by World War I.

Royal Freshwater Bay Yacht Club and Keane’s Point
Posted 16 December 2017 Royal Freshwater Bay Yacht Club and Keane’s Point

In 1891 distinguished colonist Edward Keane purchased land that included what was then known as ‘Butler’s Hump’, now Keane’s Point. By 1894, Edward had built their family home, Cappoquin House which they named after their home town in Ireland.